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Standard Concrete

Hello Standard Concrete


We understand that one of our field producers reached out about offering video services and agreed to see a sample video. 


We created a top-notch sample video based on the info we gathered from your website. We are willing to make some quick revisions if we need to.

Looking at everything and breaking down the service quote for a 10 to 15 orientation  and various overviews videos this is what we recommend that is best for your dollar and save you the most money but still serve any temps or new hires that come into your company:

Prep Day - 

Deep Dive phone call 

Map out of key shots

Detailed shot list

Day 1

6 to 8 hours of capture 

All Cameras, Lens

Professional Lighting

Professional Sound

Recommended -  Quick Welcome message from Company Executive

Day 2

6 to 8 hours of capture

B-roll of office, plant, or specialty areas

Problem shoots (pick-up shots, this gives everyone breathing room if something goes wrong on Day 1)

Post - Prod

All editing and unlimited revisions 

Music, with clearance 


Post- Discussion planning and phone calls

We will supply Voice-Over Talent and all clearances


(1) - 10 to 12 minute video
(1) - Promo overview video like above, but updated with current video

(2) - Information videos - we will give you as many as possible. We will promise 2, but may be able give supply 2 or 3 additional after we cut all the footage. 

Updated photos for your website.

Total cost of $7,325.

50% due to secure the dates of the shoot

the the balance is due after you are 100% satisfied with all videos. 

Consider - hiring an employee that is willing to work 24/7 a week. They never call in sick, and never ask for vacation and never ask for a day off of work. There is no workers comp claims, no health insurance and 401K matching and they are still 100% tax deductible. That is what a great video can be for you and your company. The video will also clone you and your efforts, because the video will be working and serve as the face of your company while you can problem solve somewhere else. 

If your video plays 100 times over the next year, that comes to only $73 per working session. Imagine if you or your company WOULDN'T have to explain the same thing 100 times over the next year. 

Here is  a deluxe package we just completed for an engineering firm. The $5,700 investment has already yielded them over $250,000 in new business.


Sherwin Lamig.png

Landscape Company, Sarasota, FL

Invested: $2,500

Results: Spike in social media shares

37 new leads in 60 days

$18,500 new business 

Corporate Engineering,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $2,800

Results: New contract

Value: $35,000 over 6 months

Beauty Studio,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $1,500

Results: 980 new Facebook Fans

16 new leads in 30 days

$8,700 new business 

Behind The Scenes Sports Doc, Orlando, FL

Invested: $13,200

Results: Amazon Prime Broadcast

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