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Pick A Card Productions has full capability to handle any of your Production Needs. We have in-house camera gear, on-staff editors, and on-staff production coordinators to assist in your next project. We are also connected to various rental houses to gain access to greater needs that may not be within in our inventory. Our main focus for this department:


2nd Unit Production and Filming

Pick-Up Shots

Filler Shots and B-Roll

(Please note - We do NOT do social events, Wedding, Parties, Life Celebrations, etc)


Pricing? We do our best to customize each pricing quote for each project depending on the studio or director's needs and length of shoot. Usually Baseline Pricing Begins: $3,000 per day and can go up to $35,000 per day


Film Students & First Time Independent Projects -

Start at $2,500

Basic Pricing Includes: Office Production (phone calls, scene breakdown and some scheduling)

On-Site Producing (Running on-time, keeping the production moving, crew communication, talent coordination, etc.)

One (1) dedicated Director Of Photography, up to 8 hours of on-site camera work with in-house gear (camera, lenses, Handheld, Gimble and Steadi-cam, shoulder rig)

One (1) dedicated Production Assistant

One (1) dedicated on-set Producer

Basic Lighting

Audio Capture Sound, in Camera  - Rodes Microphones

Basic Meals and Catering

Video/Files Transfer to Portable Drive (up to 1 TB) and Express Shipping (No extra cost)

Additional Add-Ons Available:

Dedicated Lighting Techs and Gear

Dedicated On-Set Sound and Capture

Post-Production Editing

Post-Production Audio

Location Scouting

Dolly and Jibs 

Studio Rental


All of Florida

Los Angeles, CA

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