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MCS Sample Video

Custom Proposal for MSC


3 to 4 hours of onsite shooting

Interview segment with Corporate Executive

All editing and revisions

Music and Graphics

Set of deliverables

(1) - 30 second promo video

(1) - 60 second promo video

(2) - expanded promo videos

Several, 10 second videos for your social media

Add on for 30th anniversary event in March 


Additional footage will be capture 

New edited videos showcasing the 30th anniversary event. 

Landscape Company, Sarasota, FL

Invested: $2,500

Results: Spike in social media shares

37 new leads in 60 days

$18,500 new business 

Corporate Engineering,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $2,800

Results: New contract

Value: $35,000 over 6 months

Beauty Studio,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $1,500

Results: 980 new Facebook Fans

16 new leads in 30 days

$8,700 new business 

Behind The Scenes Sports Doc, Orlando, FL

Invested: $13,200

Results: Amazon Prime Broadcast

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