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Matcon Construction Services, Inc

Hello Derek,


Me and my video team talked and discussed things at a great length and we have put together 3 options that will serve you. 


Option 1 - Pay as go.  ($1,300 per shoot, any and all editing and revisions, music and graphics) 


We will still honor a price close to the $1,400 per shoot, but consider you would only need us to go and grab and things would be more handheld, we can do that for $1,300 per shoot for the given location. 


Option 2 - Sessions Bulk ($12,500, any and all editing and revisions, music and graphics) 

That would be 10 locations or 10 times you would need us to go and grab footage, we would need at least 3 days notice, but would ask for 5 if possible. 


Option 3 - Full Retainer ($38,000 - over 3 payments at $11,666. per payment -  any and all editing and revisions, music and graphics) 


We would shoot any location, anytime you need up to 3 times per month   - we would need 48 hrs notice of location site. If things are rocking and rolling more than 3 times a month, we would have to revisit this rate. 


I wanted to have everything to you by noon, but part of the reason for the delay is I was waiting on the edits. I wanted to impress you with what we can deliver. I have two videos for you to preview, just to show you the scope. I had 2 different editors prepare two different videos. I like video 1 the best. If you go with option 2 or 3, I will add these promo videos at no cost. 

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Landscape Company, Sarasota, FL

Invested: $2,500

Results: Spike in social media shares

37 new leads in 60 days

$18,500 new business 

Corporate Engineering,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $2,800

Results: New contract

Value: $35,000 over 6 months

Beauty Studio,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $1,500

Results: 980 new Facebook Fans

16 new leads in 30 days

$8,700 new business 

Behind The Scenes Sports Doc, Orlando, FL

Invested: $13,200

Results: Amazon Prime Broadcast

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