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Clearwater St. Pete Airport

Custom Proposal for Fly2Pie

For the above video - $600.00, and willing to do some minor revisions


3 to 4 hours of onsite shooting

Interview segment with Corporate Executive

All editing and revisions

Music and Graphics

Set of deliverables

(1) - 30 second promo video

(1) - 60 second promo video

(2) - expanded promo videos

Several, 10 second videos for your social media

Landscape Company, Sarasota, FL

Invested: $2,500

Results: Spike in social media shares

37 new leads in 60 days

$18,500 new business 

Corporate Engineering,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $2,800

Results: New contract

Value: $35,000 over 6 months

Beauty Studio,  Tampa,  FL

Invested: $1,500

Results: 980 new Facebook Fans

16 new leads in 30 days

$8,700 new business 

Behind The Scenes Sports Doc, Orlando, FL

Invested: $13,200

Results: Amazon Prime Broadcast

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