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Our History 


A funny conversation during a round of golf was the beginning seed. The Founder, Magician Dewayne Hill was playing a quick nine holes at a country club with long time friend Charles Erdnase III (Charlie) asked "D, what are you into with your card tricks?" and Dewayne replied "I'm about to shoot a movie". From there the conversation progressed to Mr. Erdnase angel investing $7,000 into Dewayne's first film, "The Gospel According To Fathers". That film went on to win 2 awards and recognizing Dewayne as up-and-coming Director. Believing in Dewayne's vision and goals, Mr. Erdnase began investing in various projects Dewayne got off the ground including the start of his own production company. Now sites are being scouted all around the Tampa Bay region for expand the production studio to a full scale virtual stage and Hollywood size sound stage. 

Magician Dewayne Hill

Founder & Director & Executive Producer


Dewayne has written and produced several film projects and documentaries. He is currently shopping a scripted series to major streaming networks for a 2022 debut. He hired a team of industry experts to oversea the day-to-day and execution of Pick-A-Card Productions to make sure the best work and results are delivered to clients.

Robert S. Barger

Associate Producer & Director of Photography & Camera 

Rob grew up in Michigan where he studied film and tv broadcast. He has went on to work as Director of Audio Visual for various churches and corporations and is Director of Photography. He work extends to documentaries, television and producing the AV for live performances.

Brian Morgan

Chief Sound Engineer


Brian has work the last 15 years on-set and in sound design. Working on local TV shows, Hollywood narrative projects and corporate videos. He makes sure everyone can be heard and the video is understood. 

Leah Mancuso

Associate Producer & Field Producer

Leah joined the team in April of 2020, after being impacted by COVID. She work on-set and location ranges from coordination, to planning set up and communicating with staff. 

Gabe Brito

Executive of Post Production


Gabe is directly in charge of making sure the Post Production workflow stays in schedule and is delivered on time. He oversees editing, color correction and post sound mix. 

Princess Tavu

Executive Admin


Princess helps run the day-to-day office operations of Pick-A-Card Productions. She is in-charge of schedules, base to client relations and contracts. 

Depending on the size and scale of the production, we contract with other professionals including gaffers, sound, and assistant cameras. 
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