Pick A Card Productions was founded by World Touring Magician Dewayne Hill and the blessing of an angel investor. The mission is to develop engaging online content that inspires, motivates and entertains. 

A number of award winning projects has been produced and more projects have been added to the production slate. The overall goal is to produce products that will be part of a larger platform or streaming service. 

Production Team

Magician Dewayne Hill - Founder, Executive Producer, Director

Cornelius O'Donoghue - Director of Photography, Consulting Producer  

Vito Trupiano - Camera Operator, Post-Production Producer

Gabriel Brito  - Assistant Post-Production Producer, Main Editor

Logan Dunbar  - Field Producer, Sound Supervisor 

John "Dash" Dixon  - Music Supervisor, Score Composer

Princess Marie-Tavu  - Executive Admin and Scheduler

All of Florida

Los Angeles, CA

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